How can I help?

OHA will stand up to multinational mining interests and protect the environment. Your generous support helps protect the health, safety and the future of the environment in the Okanogan Highlands for future generations. 

Here are five ways you can help OHA make a difference:

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3. Volunteer

4. Let others know about our work, via word of mouth and social media:

Follow and share OHA on Twitter and Facebook because we are working to restore streams and wetlands in the highlands. We are analyzing the water quality issues on Buckhorn Mountain and taking actions that support protection of the environment. If you like what you are seeing, please retweet and share OHA's posts so that others can learn about our work. Thanks!

5. Benefit OHA when you Shop:

If you shop at, please consider starting your shopping session at and select Okanogan Highlands Alliance as your charity of choice.

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