Lost Lake Maps and Aerials

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Getting to the Preserve...

For all of the direction sets below, once you arrive at Lost Lake, here is how you find the Preserve:
  • Drive past Camp ORTOHA.
  • Drive past entrance to Forest Service Campground and Camp Tokiwanhee.
  • Continue driving straight on Forest Service road 050 that follows the east side of the lake.
  • Drive past all of the cabins.
  • The road begins to curve and begins to rise in elevation.
  • Look for the covered signboard / kiosk that marks the entrance to the Preserve.
  • Welcome!
Lost Lake kiosk

Directions to Lost Lake from Tonasket via Havillah:
  1. Take the Havillah road out of Tonasket as though driving to Havillah.
  2. At Havillah, turn right on West Lost Lake road and follow to Lost Lake.

Directions to Lost Lake from Tonasket via Bonaparte Lake:
  1. Take Hwy 20 eastbound from Tonasket heading toward Bonaparte Lake and Wauconda. Drive 20.24 miles.
  2. Turn left onto Bonaparte Lake road. Drive 5.58 miles.
  3. Drive past Bonaparte Lake and the Boy scout camp. Look for signage to Lost Lake and turn left.
  4. Follow to Lost Lake.

Directions to Lost Lake from Chesaw:
  1. Drive through the town of Chesaw and continue on Chesaw road as though going to Beaver Canyon and Toroda Creek road.
  2. At the Pine Chee wetland, turn right on Myers Creek road. 
  3. Continue to Lost Lake. Myers Creek road will turn into Forest Service road when you get closer to the lake.

Maps of the Wetland and Wildlife Preserve
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Where Lost Lake is located in the larger area

Lost Lake Wetland Delineation, surrounding area, and fenceline
The approximate location of the fence OHA installed to protect the wetland, along with the Preserve boundaries, and other property ownership

Lost Lake project
Aerial of the Preserve

Aerial of the Lost Lake Preserve
 Google Earth aerial image
Aerial Lost Lake
The Preserve according to ecosystem type

Lost Lake Preserve Acreage by Ecosystem Type
The Preserve acreage by ecosystem type, in relation to the hiking trails in blue