Mine Monitoring


It is inevitable that large-scale, cyanide-leach mining will have issues and problems. The Buckhorn Mine is no exception. How a mining company and regulators address the need for change can either limit the problem or cause long-term problems that are difficult to remediate.

Over the years, OHA has raised concerns regarding mining on Buckhorn Mountain with the various incarnations of the open-pit as well as the underground proposals. Once construction and mining commenced, many of OHA’s concerns were realized and became on-the-ground issues that had or still have to be addressed. As the mining project unfolded, additional problems and issues have emerged.


The Buckhorn Mine ceased production in summer 2017, and OHA seeks increased action to reduce contaminant flow from the mine. The long-term protection of local ground and surface water must ensure that the water emanating from Buckhorn Mountain is not left contaminated.

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Aerial of the Buckhorn Mine
Overview of the Buckhorn Mountain Mine Site  (click to enlarge)