The Okanogan Highlands Alliance board and staff understand how important education is in protecting, restoring and preserving the highlands environment. And so, in addition to direct restoration and rigorous verification of mine monitoring and mitigation, OHA offers resources and information to community members. 

For more information about OHA's education program, please email Thank you for your interest!

Highland Wonders Upcoming Events

"Highland Wonders" is OHA's monthly series of presentations, workshops and discussion forums for local community members, featuring the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands. Find out what's coming up in the series... Continue

To provide input on the topics we offer, please fill out our community learning survey. If there is a topic you are interested in learning more about, you can enter it into the survey.

Highland Wonders Past Events

The Highland Wonders series has been very popular as local community members fill the Community Cultural Center to learn about the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands and surrounding area.

Reinforce what you learned at Highland Wonders events or catch up on what you missed, by visiting our Past Events page... Continue


Wetland Education for Youth

OHA works with students and children of all ages to raise awareness about the value and function of wetlands.

We can provide workshops on:

  • Wetland Communities
  • The Value and Function of Wetlands
  • Beavers: Nature’s Amazing Wetland Builders
  • Wetland Plant and Animal Adaptations

If there is another topic of interest to you, let us know.



The Okanogan Highlands Alliance board and staff were delighted to share appreciation for the natural environment by commissioning Andy Eccleshall to paint mountains, forest, wetlands, flora and fauna of the area. The murals are being painted on the Community Cultural Center exterior walls in downtown Tonasket. Read more


Citizen Science


Interested in helping collect biological resources data in the Okanogan? Going out to enjoy and watch birds, scoop insects from streams, or identify plants can also generate valuable information about the abundance and distribution of species in our region... Continue


To learn more about the hiking trails and other outdoor interpretive information offered by OHA, please visit our site-specific photo albums:


If you are interested in learning more about stream and wetland restoration, please visit our restoration resources.