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Teamwork - birdboxes

Help us get the job done!

If you would like to help out with any of OHA's programs, please fill out our volunteer sign-up. 

OHA is committed to protecting and restoring wetlands in the Okanogan Highlands, and there are a variety of areas that you can become involved in. You can help OHA protect, restore and preserve the Okanogan Highlands by becoming involved in OHA’s mine monitoring, education and/or restoration programs. Throughout the coming year, OHA will need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Building and/or installing bird boxes in the highlands
  • Helping out at education events
  • Creating educational props
  • Working to improve restoration sites (including planting, mulching, counting live plants, etc.)
  • Building tree cages to protect plantings
  • Writing comments to agencies about issues of concern
  • Trail building
  • Helping pull noxious weeds
  • Helping identify migratory songbirds during spring survey
  • Taking water measurements (OHA will train you)
  • Assisting with mural painting upkeep
  • Donating pictures related to our watershed

2014 Volunteer Opportunities at Lost Lake
Get involved at the Lost Lake Wetland and Wildlife Preserve!

Even if you do not live in the highlands, there are many ways to share your skills.

If you have questions, please email Julie Ashmore, Conservation Coordinator:

Thank you for your interest! 

Top photo: Harris Dunkelberger and Lee Johnson give high fives after successfully installing a duck nesting box at the Lost Lake Wetland and Wildlife Preserve.