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Buckhorn Exploration Review Should Not be Rushed

Please take a moment to send a brief message to Governor Jay Inslee, by visiting his contact page:


The Governor has written a letter to his department heads, urging them to expedite the review process for the Buckhorn Exploration project. (For a refresher on what the exploration proposal involves, please visit OHA's exploration webpage). 


The main points to include are:

  • Review of the Buckhorn Exploration proposed by Kinross/Echo Bay should not be rushed.
  • Significant water quality problems exist at Kinross Buckhorn Mine in part because the Office of Regulatory Assistance rushed the permitting process when large issues had not been adequately resolved.
  • The regulatory agencies should be allowed to complete a thorough environmental review without political interference.

If you live locally, please make a point of mentioning that in your message.


For those who are interested, you can read Governor Inslee's letter to see for yourself what he is pushing for. This is for the same company that was issued one of the largest water quality penalties in state history for water quality violations, and has only last month appealed the new NPDES permit issued by the Department of Ecology.

Click here to read OHA's letter to Governor Inslee (OHA has since met with his office).

Thank you for helping stand up for clean water on Buckhorn and in the surrounding area. If you have any questions, please email