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Bird Boxes

A lot of care goes into building a high quality bird box. The sequence of images below shows Lee Johnson's construction of duck boxes. After this much time and effort goes into building a duck box, and for the box to benefit wildlife, it is important to mount it properly in the wild. OHA is looking for people who are willing to help install these habitat boxes in the Lost Lake wetland and forest. Helpers should have good balance and be comfortable on a ladder, and be able to hike on uneven terrain. There are duck, owl, swallow, and flying squirrel boxes to be mounted. Experience with tools is a plus but not required for all volunteers on this project. Please contact if you are interested in helping.  

  All of the wooden parts required to build duck boxes


Owl Box Installed at Lost Lake
  Installation in appropriate locations outdoors

Bird box plans
  Birdbox plans (click here for PDF)