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Triple Creek Team

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Beavers are a critical part of the team and the vision for long-term project success.

OHA asked Trout Unlimited to bring their expertise in wetland restoration and partner with us on the Triple Creek restoration project. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is also partnering by providing planning, design and implementation expertise. Thus, OHA, the Triple Creek Landowners, Trout Unlimited (TU), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) are partnering on the implementation of the project, in coordination with the WA State Department of Ecology and with input from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Northwest Fisheries Science Center.

Read more about the role of the landowners and the development of this collaboration in this 2015 IRIS Success Supplement excerpt. (Full publication available at

 Okanogan Highlands Alliance staff 
Above: David Kliegman (Executive Director), Julie Ashmore (Conservation Coordinator), and Megan Kernan (Conservation Associate) of OHA. OHA co-manages the project with Trout Unlimited. OHA coordinates various aspects of the project, from construction planning to riparian buffer establishment to education, outreach, and volunteer involvement. 
Crystal Elliot-Perez, Trout Unlimited

Crystal Elliot-Perez, Trout Unlimited WA Restoration Program Manager, co-manages the project with OHA. Crystal coordinates permitting, 
and is responsible for permit acquisition. Crystal supports project design and construction planning, and coordinates TU's role in public outreach and stakeholder involvement.
 US Fish and Wildlife Service, Robes Parrish and Ken Muir

Robes Parrish (Hydrologist) and Ken Muir (Fish Biologist) of the USFWS provide hydrologic and 
geomorphic expertise and technical support on project design and implementation, and aid in sampling design and data collection.

Triple Creek collaborators

Project Funding:
Project funding is provided via a Section 319 grant from the WA Department of Ecology, and a US Fish and Wildlife Service Partners grant. A portion of the funding for this project has also been provided as a result of the July 2012 penalty settlement for permit violations between Kinross and Ecology. The settlement included a provision whereby Kinross would pay $180,000 toward various Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP) in lieu of the water quality penalty at the Buckhorn Mine.

The Triple Creek landowners are an integral part of this collaboration.