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Trucking Wastewater Out-of-Basin

2010 has been a very rainy spring. The Buckhorn Mine is required to treat water from the mine shafts and from the dewatering wells. The company is taking measures to increase the capacity of their water treatment system so they can treat the 7.5 million gallons of water stored in sumps in mine shafts. In the meantime, the company is trucking waste water (25-30 gpm or over a million gallons per month) to the tailings pond. There has not been an environmental review, mitigation or permitting for this out of basin transfer of water.
Company trucking water out of basin
Truck full of Buckhorn Mountain water, heading for the tailings pond

Truck being filled with wastewater for transport out of basin
  Water truck being filled, parked next to Water Treatment Plant (Spring 2010)