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Hydrogeologist Hired at Ecology

In 2010, OHA was very concerned over the loss of Ecology’s Water Quality Regulator to retirement and the hiring freeze that prevented Ecology from re-hiring. The Governor’s office heard your comments and approved a waiver to Ecology. The Buckhorn Mine once again has an Ecology staff person focused on water quality regulation.

In the winter of 2011, the Department of Ecology hired a new staff person who is now responsible for permitting and regulating water quality at the Buckhorn Mine. Lorraine Powell, who has experience in surface mine reclamation, industrial mineral exploration and junior high science teaching, began work on January 18th, 2011. Her academic background is in geology and education.

Lorraine Powell has shown commitment  to mastering the tremendous amount of information required to build her knowledge base of the mine’s history, obligations and challenges. It may take some time for the new hydrogeologist to achieve a thorough understanding of the Buckhorn Mine operations, requirements, and issues, and OHA is working to provide detailed information to assist her in understanding the current issues. Read more about Water Quality at the Buckhorn Mine (1.3 MB)