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Highland Voices

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Download a digital copy of the Highland Voices album for $12, 
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CD Release Concert and Celebration of 25 Years of OHA

Watch video from the concert:

1. Up by the Border - Stephen "Sundog" Lanigan
2. O' Okanogan - Ken Bevis

More to come!

Up by the Border - finale
Up by the Border - Finale
Photo by Teri Pieper
  A small group of people can really make a difference. 25 years ago, a group of neighbors formed the Okanogan Highlands Alliance (OHA) when a large scale, open pit, cyanide leach gold mine was proposed on Buckhorn Mountain. We have grown into an organization that focuses on mine monitoring, education, ecological restoration, and natural resource conservation issues affecting the Okanogan Highlands and beyond.

Songs were part of what inspired us back then, and music -- both old and new -- continues to bring us together, instill hope, and galvanize action. Musicians from around the region have contributed songs for a new compilation album that speaks to OHA’s continued efforts to protect, restore, and preserve local land, water, and wildlife.

On Friday, March 24th, OHA celebrated 25 years by hosting a fundraising CD release concert, variety show, and dinner at the Community Cultural Center of Tonasket. Highland Voices, the album being released, expresses our sense of place, conservation concerns, the value of clean water, and the beauty of our natural world. We enjoyed an evening of delicious food, original music, and appreciation for the people who have been a part of OHA over the years. 

The audience heard music performed by the following artists:

Angela Cross
Cheatgrass  (Judy Elven, Ron and Quill Hyde)
Harvey Swanson
Hippies on Vacation (John Jones, Reed Engel, Quill Hyde, Tim Alley)
Julie Du Bois
Ken Bevis
Lance Haslund
Lonnie Good
Reed Engel
Rick Braman
Sandy Vaughn
Sherry Potter
Stephen “Sundog” Lanigan
Steve Kinzie
Teresa Good
Tim Alley
Tomas Caton

Other musicians on the recorded album include Dana Lyons, Laura Love, Tyler Graves, :Digital:Deb, and many more. OHA thanks all of the musicians for their contributions; also much appreciated are Chuck Egner and Rick Braman for donating recording studio time and effort, Lino of J-Wolf studio for donating a portion of his mixing, mastering, and recording time, and Grant Jones for sharing poetry to be put to music. 

The March 24th meal consisted of locally-sourced ingredients, artfully combined into a variety of salads to whet our appetites for spring. The album of original music is available online for purchase, and we have created new 25 year commemorative OHA t-shirts! 

Highland Voices Poster

Highland Voices

Album Production Credits:

1. Up by the Border (3:16)
Lead vocal & guitar: Stephen "Sundog" Lanigan
Papoose guitar & accordion: Reed Engel
Backup vocals: Steve Kinzie, Sandy Vaughn, Julie Du Bois
Bass: Lino 
Written by Jerome Lange (Treecloud), last verse by Sundog
Recorded by Rick Braman (Oroville, WA, 2016)
Mixed by Lino (J-Wolf Studios, Bend, Oregon)

2. O’ Okanogan (4:38)
Lead vocal & guitar: Ken Bevis
Backup vocals: Julie Du Bois
Mandolin: Brad Pinkerton
Guitar: Don McIvor
Music composition: Ken Bevis
Lyrics co-written by Ken Bevis and Julie Du Bois
Recorded by Chris (Breathe) Frue (Methow Valley, 2016)

3. I Need the Water (3:35)
Lead vocal & guitar: Dana Lyons
Guitar: Casey Neill
Vocal: Annalisa Tornfelt
Written by Dana Lyons
As produced on “The Great Salish Sea”
© 2014 Lyons Brothers Music BMI  
Used with permission ~

4. Clearcut Wind (7:31)
Lead vocal & guitar: Harvey Swanson
Backup vocal: Sherry Potter 
Congas: Miguel Guizar
Mandolin, metal brushes on cardboard boxes: Bruce Harvie 
Bass: Tomas Caton
Written by Harvey Swanson
Recorded by Tomas Caton & Harvey Swanson (Tonasket, WA, 2003)
As produced on “Not From Around Here”
Used with permission ~

5. I Will Stand (2:27)
Vocals: Lonnie Good, Teresa Good
Guitar: Lonnie Good
Bass: Lonnie Good
Drums: Jeremy Behrent
Music and Lyrics By Lonnie Good
Recorded, mixed, and engineered by 
Lonnie Good at Good Studios (Okanogan, WA, 2017)
© L.J. Good 2017 ASCAP

6. Blessed Unrest (4:20)
Lead vocal & guitar: Tyler Graves
Guitar and backup vocals: Andy Kingham
Bass: Rick Braman 
Written by Tyler Graves
Recorded by Rick Braman (Oroville, WA, 2016)

7. I am a Mountain (4:55)
Music & vocals: Digital:Deb
Guitars, bass & keyboards: Lino 
Drums: Billy Kelleher
Backup vocals: Harvey Swanson & Sharon Grant
Written by Digital:Deb
Recorded by Lino (J-Wolf Studios, Bend, Oregon)
Used with permission

8. It’s the Water (3:58)
Lead vocals and bass: Laura Love
Guitar: Reed Engel
Rhythm guitar: Mary McFowl
Written by Laura Love
Recorded at the Treehouse 
by Chuck Egner (Leavenworth, WA, 2015)

9. Slow Wide Bends (6:56)
Lead vocals and piano: Julie Du Bois
Backup vocals: Sandy Vaughn & Steve Kinzie
Guitar: Reed Engel
Banjo: Steve Kinzie
Bass and cello: Lino 
Lyrics by Grant Jones
Music by Julie Du Bois
Recorded at the Treehouse 
by Chuck Egner (Leavenworth, WA, 2016)

10. Lost Lake (3:56)
Vocals: Sandy Vaughn & Julie Du Bois
Guitar: Sandy Vaughn
Accordion: Reed Engel
Bass: Tomas Caton
Lyrics by Sandy Vaughn & Julie Du Bois
Music by Sandy Vaughn
Recorded at Good Studios 
by Lonnie Good (Okanogan, WA, 2017)

11. Love’s Disguise (4:49)
Lead vocals & guitar: Steve Kinzie
Upright bass: Lance Haslund
Flute: Mike West
Drums: Andy Roth
Written by Steve Kinzie
Recorded at B-Natural Studios by Gary Lanz
As produced on “Openings”
Used with permission

12. Little Pearl (5:47)
Lead vocals and guitar: Sandy Vaughn
Guitar: Reed Engel
Hand drum: Miguel Guizar
Backup vocals: Julie Du Bois
Banjo: Steve Kinzie
Upright bass: Chuck Egner
Written by Sandy Vaughn
Recorded at the Treehouse 
by Chuck Egner (Leavenworth, WA, 2015)

13. 3 ½  (3:36) 
Hippies on Vacation
Guitar: Reed Engel
Guitar: John Jones
Bass: Quill Hyde
Drums: Tim Alley
Written by Reed Engel and Tomas Caton
Recorded at Good Studios 
by Lonnie Good (Okanogan, WA, 2015)

14. Fire and Desire (3:48)
Lead vocals and banjo: Judy Elven
Mandolin: Ron Hyde
Bass: Quill Hyde
Recorded by Quill Hyde (Molson, WA, 2017)

15. Spotted Frog (4:00)
Lead vocals & guitar: Digital:Deb
Backup vocals: Sandy Vaughn, Julie Du Bois, Harvey Swanson
Banjo: Steve Kinzie
Guitar: Harvey Swanson
Harmonica: Stephen "Sundog" Lanigan
Bass: Lino 
Recorded at the Community Cultural Center of Tonasket (2015)

All songs mastered by Lino (J-Wolf Studios, Bend, Oregon)
Produced by Julie (Du Bois) Ashmore and Reed Engel
For the Okanogan Highlands Alliance

Photo credits:

Front cover:
  • Great gray owl at Lost Lake, Okanogan County: Lee Johnson
  • Chinook fish at mouth of Chelan River: Ken Bevis
  • Loon and chick at Bonaparte Lake: Ginger and Dan Poleschook
  • White-faced Meadowhawk dragonfly: Dennis Paulson
  • Black bear cub: Julie Ashmore
  • Beaver on the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area, in Sinlahekin Creek: Justin Haug
  • Great blue heron: Ron McCluskey
  • Finch: Deborah Vester
  • Lynx in Middle Fork Toats Coulee drainage: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Wolverine in the North Cascades: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Porcupine at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge: Tom Munson
  • Mule deer near Molson, WA: Julie Ashmore
  • Columbia spotted frog at Lost Lake: OHA/Julie Ashmore
Background images:
  • Bonaparte Mountain by Deborah Vester
  • Lost Lake scene with swimmer by Julie Ashmore
  • Buckhorn Mountain by Julie Ashmore
  • Lost Lake Loon family by Ginger and Dan Poleschook