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Surface Water

Since the Buckhorn Mine began operation in 2008, water quality monitoring data in surface water (as well as groundwater) have shown that mine contaminants are continuously escaping capture. The mine is required to capture and treat contaminated water. The mine has a permit to discharge water from the treatment facility and the treated water is relatively clean. However, the increased level of mine contaminants outside the mine is coming from unpermitted sources. Crown/Kinross has not established control of mine related contaminants, and the Buckhorn Mine continues to discharge contaminants in locations where no discharge is authorized, degrading surface and groundwater and even exceeding water quality standards. Read more...

Mitigation for the Buckhorn Mine

In the settlement agreement, OHA managed to negotiate for mitigation beyond what the agencies required, which included significant onsite and offsite mitigation to streamflow and wetlands with additional long term independent oversight. However, ongoing issues with the mitigation persist...
Capture Zone Comparison

OHA Monitoring Documents

This page links to several monitoring documents that OHA has generated over the life of the mine.
Agency Documents 
Agency Documents

The public can access permit documents such as permits, fact sheets, and public notices throughPARIS (the Permit and Reporting Information System). 
Issues by Water Year 

Mine Monitoring Issues by Water Year

This section of the website provides an overview of the Buckhorn Mine issues during each year of operation.(Water years begin on October 1 and end September 30.)

This section provides links to topics such as:
  • Water Quality Summary
  • How Gold Mining Can Affect Water Quality
  • Following the Water (how water is used at the Buckhorn Mine)
  • Water Rights and Related Issues
  • Adaptive Management Plan
  • Settlement Details
  • Timelines