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Agency Documents

Agency Documents

The public can access permit documents such as permits, fact sheets, and public notices throughPARIS (the Permit and Reporting Information System). Need help? Instructions are available.

Buckhorn Mine Related Documents

The following documents are available by contacting the Department of EcologyRecords Analyst/Public Disclosure Coordinator:

Patti Keller, Public Records
Washington Department of Ecology
CRO - Yakima Office
(509) 454-7658

Air Quality    9/12/2006 
Buckhorn Mountain Draft SEIS    10/28/2005
Buckhorn Mountain Draft SEIS Public Comments    3/6/2006 
Buckhorn Mountain Final SEIS    3/23/2007 
Buckhorn Mountain SEIS Addendum    3/23/2007
Crown Jewel FEIS    8/5/2005 
Development Rock Management Plan    9/12/2006
Disclosure Statement    9/12/2006 
Geotechnical    8/17/2005 
Hydrology    8/17/2005 
Mitigation and Monitoring Plans    9/15/2006
Notice of Availability -- Buckhorn Mountain SEIS    9/15/2006 
Plan of Operations    8/5/2005 
Public Scoping    8/17/2005 
Reclamation    8/17/2005
Regional Three Dimentional Groundwater Flow Model    9/15/2006 
SEIS Discipline Reports    10/28/2005
Transportation    8/17/2005
US Forest Service    3/3/2006

Click here for the Draft NPDES and Fact Sheet


The following NPDES support documents can be found at:ftp://www.ecy.wa.gov/BuckhornNPDES

AMP 6 26 07
Aquatic Resources Management Plan.pdf
Aquatic Resourcses Mitigation Plan 7-07
Development Rock Mgt Plan.pdf
Environmental Protection Performance Security
epps addendum 6 29 07
ER 9 10 07
Hydrologic Monitoring Plan 7-30-07
OpSWPPP 6 22 2007
QAPP 6 27 2007

Documents, including water right decisions, 
can be requested from Ecology:

Roger Johnson
Department of Ecology, CRO
Records Analyst/
Public Disclosure Coordinator
rjoh461@ECY.WA.GOV, 509-454-7658