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 25 Years of OHA!

Highland Voices - graphic design by Deborah Vester
Highland Voices - Musicians perform

This spring, OHA celebrated 25 years of action with a fundraising CD release concert and dinner at the Community Cultural Center of Tonasket. Highland Voices is a compilation album of eco-conscious musicians that expresses our sense of place, concern for conservation and clean water, and the beauty of our natural world. The album is now available for sale as a digital download or a CD... Continue

Crown/Kinross submitted a draft Closure Plan in September 2016 that included very rosy predictions on how long it would take for closure of the mine to be completed. Closure is the period of time, after reclamation of the mine surface, that it takes to bring the water in the underground mine area into permit compliance. During operations, the mine area is like a mixing zone in that it is allowed to exceed permit limits. The predominate reason why Crown/Kinross could make such optimistic predictions is that they used less restrictive water quality standards in their computer model than the criteria required by the NPDES permit... Continue    Buckhorn Mine Portal

OHA is collaborating with Trout Unlimited, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and private landowners to improve ecological function and complexity within the Triple Creek reach. This project will benefit water quality and increase habitat for fish and wildlife by reducing severe stream channel incision that disconnects the creek from its floodplain... Continue

Instream construction of beaver dam analogues at Triple Creek

Stream Restoration Field Trip: Saturday, August 5th
OHA, along with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and Trout Unlimited, invites the community to join us at the Triple Creek restoration site for an opportunity to learn more about stream restoration. Our team members will share how the role of beaver is being mimicked with human-made structures to heal Myers Creek. We will also demonstrate how these structures are woven with fresh cuttings of red osier dogwood, Douglas-fir, and maple... Continue

OHA continues to press on, working to:
  • Minimize watershed impacts associated with the Buckhorn gold mine operations and exploration
  • Continuously improve the ecological health of the Okanogan Highlands
  • Increase community awareness and involvement in watershed issues