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Washington's Not-so-Common Loon

Highland Wonders ~ May 6th, 2011

Daniel and Ginger Poleschook presented breathtaking photos and unusual stories about Washington loons, providing a history of the loon's shrinking breeding range and what we can do to help. Their experience as Research and Education Coordinators for the Loon Lake Loon Association and Adjunct Field Scientists for the Biodiversity Research Institute brought many tales and images that humans would otherwise not be privy to.

Daniel and Ginger have been nature photographers since the early 70’s. From 1996 to present they have been specializing in capturing images of common loons and other waterbirds while conducting observations and doing research and conservation work on common loons in the Pacific Northwest. They have given hundreds of nature-photography and conservation presentations to a vast number of individuals, organizations and wildlife managers throughout the United States, Canada, Africa and Costa Rica. They have written a series of reports for the United States Forest Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, including Washington Common Loon Reference Records, 1881-2010. Daniel and Ginger were awarded the “2010 Educators of the Year” for Washington State by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Daniel has been Site Manager and Chief Photography Manager for BioDiversity Research Institute/United States Fish and Wildlife Service for damage assessment of avian species in the Gulf of Mexico following the Gulf Oil Spill. Both Daniel and Ginger have been working on the damage assessment in the Gulf of Mexico since April 2010.

Thank you many times over, Ginger and Dan, for providing such an excellent presentation!

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Got Loon News?

Have you observed a loon with a band? Write down the color of the band, which leg it was on, and where you saw it. Ginger and Daniel would like to hear from you! Likewise, if you have questions about loons or have seen a loon in trouble (e.g. entangled in fishing line), please contact them: Thank you for paying attention to the common loons near you!


Ginger and Daniel gave the Loon Lake Loon Association 2011 Youth Conservation Award to Madeline of Okanogan County, for her efforts in raising awareness about loon conservation through a display at the public library, a letter to WA Fish and Wildlife, and other activities.

(Photo by Deby Dixon)


Ginger gave away bags of lead-free sinkers for anglers of all ages to try.

Please ask your local retailer for lead-free alternatives.

(Photo by Deby Dixon)