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Native Plant Hike at Lost Lake

On July 16th, 2011, local botanist, George Thornton lead a Native Plant Hike at Lost Lake. Originally, George Thornton opened the Highland Wonders series in November 2010 by sharing his knowledge and photos of unique and rarely seen Okanogan Highland plants; Summertime Highland Wonders brought a chance to walk the wetland fringe and woods with him and absorb native plant information in three dimensions.

First, the group walked through a transition zone where plants that tolerate both wetland and upland conditions could be found.

Next, we spent some time at the wetland's edge, exploring what makes wetland plants unique.

A road joins the wetland loop trail with the upland trail.

Learning about Lupine -- the same species grows in the valley and at Lost Lake, but it adapts to the different environments and looks somewhat different. Higher in elevation (5,000 to 6,000 ft) you will find a different Lupine.

Discussing the importance of snags in a healthy forest, the cycles of beetles and other pests, issues surrounding mistletoe and thinning, and other topics related to trees and upland plants.

(photo by Todd Thorn)

George Thornton responds to questions from the group

(Photo by Todd Thorn)

Specific plant information discussed during this event will be available as part of OHA's Lost Lake plant inventory.