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Highland Wonders ~ Upcoming

Highland Wonders is a monthly education series featuring the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands and surrounding areas. Come and meet some new people and enjoy refreshments; leave with a better understanding of your watershed.

The indoor series runs on the First Friday of the month, from November through May (skipping December). The outdoor series is offered during summer, and the schedule varies.

Stream Restoration Field Trip 
Saturday, August 5th 

Triple Creek - Before and After

OHA, along with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and Trout Unlimited, invites the community to join us at the Triple Creek restoration site for an opportunity to learn more about stream restoration. Our team members will share how the role of beaver is being mimicked with human-made structures to heal Myers Creek. We will also demonstrate how these structures are woven with fresh cuttings of red osier dogwood, Douglas-fir, and maple. 

“Ever curious, approachable, and ubiquitous, it’s easy to see why beavers were once the most prized game animal in North America,” says Robes Parrish, hydrologist with the USFWS and a key restoration team member. “With the exploding popularity of beaver hats on the heads of who’s who in America and Europe came the rapid decline of the animal, nearly to the point of extinction by the late 19th century.  Their influence on the landscape cannot be overstated--since the retreat of the continental ice sheets, beavers have been an absolutely integral part in shaping our mountain, forest, and even desert stream systems.  We have since learned a lot about how their dam-building activities affect the landscape but we are only just beginning to appreciate how their demise mirrors that of our salmon populations.  Come learn about how beaver dams--and their artificial counterparts--can be a useful tool in restoring stream and wetland ecosystems and how they can help us push back against the heavy tide of a changing climate.”  

Pre-registration is required for this free event. Due to the nature of the outdoor event, participation is limited, and priority registration will be offered for OHA members until July 21st. After that, the general public can sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis. To begin or renew OHA membership and be first in line to register for the summertime events, community members can visit, or contact OHA for more information. Event details will be provided to those who register for the field trip. For more info or to register for this event, contact or call Julie at 509-476-2432.

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Did you miss the lichen presentation, or do you want a refresher?
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