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Highland Wonders ~ Upcoming

Highland Wonders is a monthly education series featuring the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands and surrounding areas. Come and meet some new people and enjoy refreshments; leave with a better understanding of your watershed.

The indoor series runs on the First Friday of the month, from November through April (skipping December). The outdoor series is offered in spring through fall, and the schedule varies.

Silver-bordered fritillary seen in the Okanogan Highlands in 2012
Silver-bordered fritillary seen in the Okanogan Highlands in 2012
      Butterfly season is upon us! Butterflies are the quintessential symbol of renewal through change. In a world that is rapidly changing, the Highland Wonders educational series provides opportunities for our community to learn more about the natural world, with the hope that these experiences may renew our enthusiasm to take care of the rich biodiversity around us. 

David Droppers
David Dropper


On Sunday, June 17, 2018, renowned naturalist David Dropper will lead us on a butterfly tour through the Okanogan Highlands, with the help of two butterfly aficionados from the Methow, Joyce Bergen and Cheryl Bellin. This exceptional butterfly team will help us observe the butterflies we encounter at each site, opening our eyes to the intricacies of butterfly biology and ecology. We will discuss the beneficial effects of pollinators, the different habitats and ecosystem elements that support the life stages of butterflies, and what can be done to protect the species that we have in our region. 
An avid naturalist, David Dropper's background is in teaching, field research, statistics, and data management, with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management and a minor in Quantitative Sciences, and a Master’s degree in Environmental Education. David has given presentations on wildlife, natural history, and conservation issues for numerous organizations, from the Mountaineers and Audubon society chapters to the Master Gardeners and gardening clubs. David is currently engaged in a pollinator inventory project with the Forest Service, creating inventories of butterfly, moth, and bumblebee species along many popular trails along the Mountain Loop Highway in Snohomish County, as well as assessing resource use of these pollinators for potential restoration work.

Due to the nature of the outdoor events, participation is limited, and priority registration will be offered for OHA members. A waiting list will be generated on a first-come, first-serve basis. To begin or renew OHA membership and be first in line to register for the summertime events, community members can visit, or contact OHA for more information. Event details will be provided to those who register for the field trip. To sign up for this event, email julie at okanoganhighlands dot org or call 509-476-2432.

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2018 Indoor Series at a Glance:

Did you miss the lichen presentation, or do you want a refresher?
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