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Highland Wonders ~ Upcoming

Highland Wonders is a monthly education series featuring the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands and surrounding areas. Come and meet some new people and enjoy refreshments; leave with a better understanding of your watershed.

The indoor series runs on the First Friday of the month, from November through April (skipping December). The outdoor series is offered in spring through fall, and the schedule varies.

Sunday, July 1 ~ From pollen to flowers: Plant life cycles 
A hike with Dana Visalli

Dana Visalli leading group through the Sno-Park in 2016

On July 1, 2018, our community has an exceptional opportunity to go hiking with renowned Naturalist Dana Visalli. Dana has shared his diverse natural history skillset in the Highland Wonders series through a talk on wildflowers, participation in the “Evening with the Experts” plant ID event, and by leading a “walk through time” hike in the highlands. Those who have spent time in the field with Dana know that he is equally adept at discussing and observing Big History and bumblebees as he is mushrooms and native plants. One couldn’t go for a hike with a more well-rounded naturalist. Dana’s July 1 hike will focus on the life cycles of plants. From budding, flowering, and pollination to seed set, dispersal, and seed germination, Dana will help us observe and understand the strategic timing of the living plant world.
Dana Visalli
Dana Visalli has worked for the last 26 years as a professional botanist and naturalist. He has published the quarterly natural history journal, “The Methow Naturalist” for the past 23 years, and has directed a summer ecology camp for children for 26 years. He lives in the Methow Valley, where he is an organic market gardener, and maintains the regional species lists for flowering plants, mosses, lichens, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

This hike will be moderately strenuous, traveling mainly but not always on trails, with sections of uneven terrain and forest debris on the ground. Community members should consider their physical condition and whether a hike of this nature would be suitable for their needs, strengths, and stamina. Cell phone reception is unlikely on this hike. This event is not able to accommodate dogs, unless they are service dogs. Proper hiking footwear is essential.

Due to the nature of the outdoor events, participation is limited, and priority registration will be offered for OHA members. A waiting list will be generated on a first-come, first-serve basis. To begin or renew OHA membership and be first in line to register for the summertime events, community members can visit, or contact OHA for more information. Event details will be provided to those who register for the field trip. To sign up for this event, email julie at okanoganhighlands dot org or call 509-476-2432.

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Did you miss the lichen presentation, or do you want a refresher?
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