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Feathered Architects

Highland Wonders ~ March 4, 2011

From eagles to hummingbirds, Idie Ulsh explored with us how and where birds make nests, and related interesting facts about their construction. She has photographed the nests of more than 30 species and done an extensive three year perusal of bird nest literature. In addition to her own photos, she included in this unique program photos from many excellent local photographers and University of Puget Sound Slater Museum.

  Idie Ulsh is well known for her bird and butterfly programs.  She is a WA Ornithological Society member, past president of Seattle Audubon, founder of the Washington Butterfly Association,  Seattle Audubon Master Birder, nature photographer and an independent college counselor.

Participants observed bird nests up close. Idie Ulsh carries a permit to possess bird nests, required by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

Bullock's Oriole photo (above) and Western Kingbird photo (below)  © Idie Ulsh, use permission granted

Julie Ashmore of OHA opened the night with an impromtu song about bird nests.