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Timeline for Stopping the Open Pit Mine

 April Battle Mountain Gold (BMG) submits five page Categorical Exclusion for exploration on Buckhorn Mountain

 January BMG Submits Initial Plan of Operations for Crown Jewel Joint Venture
 March Scoping begins for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
 March Okanogan Highlands Alliance is formed 
 December Conservation groups form Washington Coalition for Responsible Mining 

 January BMG applies for mineral patents
 February Campaign begins for new mining regulations
 March Full page ads in statewide newspapers begin efforts for cyanide leach moratorium 

 March     Legislature passes Metals Mining & Milling Act
 November 65 protests recorded for BMG Water Rights, including Tribes and Canadians

 March County Commissioners pressure agencies to approve mine
 June Draft EIS issued
 September Tribes vote “NO” to mining on Reservation

 March       BMG merges with Hemlo Gold of Canada
 August     US Taxpayers pay BMG $65 million not to mine New World Project near Yellowstone

 January Final EIS released
 March OHA and others appeal EIS
 May EIS Appeals denied, lawsuit filed in Federal District Court
 May Okanogan County approves Conditional use permit
 June Water quality hearing, Oroville, WA
 September Dam safety and stormwater permits approved by Ecology
 October Air quality hearing in Oroville, WA
 November BMG water rights approved, OHA appeals to Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB)

 January Air quality permit issued by Ecology
 January BMG general manager for Crown Jewel, Brant Hinze, moves to Bolivia
 May OHA sues Okanogan County over solid waste permits
 May PCHB hears OHA and Tribes appeal of BMG water rights
 September BMG reduces staff

 January Ecology issues addendum to EIS
 January Federal judge rules against OHA and upholds EIS
 February Ecology issues Water Quality Certification to BMG, OHA appeals
 February Superior Court denies OHA’s challenge of County exemption from solid waste permit
 March Federal agencies deny Plan of Operations and revoke Record of Decision for mine - Millsite Decision
 May Gorton Rider exempts BMG from millsite provision of 1872 mining law
 June Plan of operations approved by Forest Service and BLM
 June BMG receives Corps 404 filing Wetlands Permit permit
 August OHA and Tribes appeal Plan of Operations to IBLA
 September PCHB hears OHA and Tribes appeal of BMG’s water quality certification
 September IBLA denies OHA’s appeal of Plan of Operations

 January PCHB revokes BMG’s water rights and water quality certification
 February BMG writes off value of Crown Jewel project
 March BMG appeals PCHB decision to Superior Court, Ecology does not appeal
 June BMG acquired by Newmont Mining

 February Superior Court upholds PCHB decision
 July BMG abandons efforts to mine on Buckhorn

 March     Crown Resources declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy