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Timeline for Permitting the Buckhorn Mine

 May Kinross purchases Echo Bay including the Republic mill, tailings and mines
 July Newmont Mining reclaims BMG exploration damage 
 August Crown submits plans for an underground mine with mill and tailings in Beaver Canyon

 February    Kinross announces intent to purchase Crown - Beaver Canyon mill & tailings changed to expanding Republic tailings dump
 December BLM issues mineral patent to Crown, privatizing Buckhorn Mountain

 November Ecology published draft Supplemental EIS
 December EPA and Washington Fish & Wildlife find DSEIS lacking

 September Ecology publishes final SEIS and issues Construction General Permit which allows construction of the mine
 October Colville Tribal Council reconfirms its vehement opposition to mine

 January USDA Forest Service approves road access on Marias Creek
 May OHA appeals road access in Federal Court
 August Ecology approves tailings expansion - OHA appeals
 September Ecology issues NPDES Waste Discharge permit - OHA appeals
 September Federal Judge denies OHA's motion for preliminary injunction
 October Ecology issues Water Quality Certification and water rights OHA appeals
 November Ecology issues final permits; water rights
 December OHA appeals, hearing process begins trial set for May 12, 2008