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The Threat

The development of large scale gold mining threatens to contaminate and deplete the waters of Buckhorn Mountain for a pickup truck load of gold. The shortsighted large-scale industrialization multinational gold mining threatens the wildlife habitat, natural beauty, sustainable economic development and quality of life in the Okanogan Highlands.

  • Shortsighted industrialization of our community could shatter the serenity of the highlands for residents and visitors.
  • Water, soil, and air could be contaminated by dust, acid mine drainage, and heavy metal toxins.
  • The health of fish, wildlife and vegetation on Buckhorn are threatened.
  • Mine shafts are being blasted into a dewatered aquifer.
  • Senior water rights could be impaired.
  • Public land is privatized and results in the loss of multiple use opportunities.
  • Mining companies get rich, yet pay no royalties for extractions of wealth.
  • The public is left to pay the cost to clean up environmental damage left by the gold industry.
Details on how the Buckhorn mine is adversely affecting water quality can be found in the Mine Monitoring section of this website.

A mineral exploration proposal also threatens highland habitats and water quality, including drill sites proposed near the highlands town of Chesaw and in a rare cedar ecosystem.