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 25 Years of OHA!

Highland Voices - graphic design by Deborah Vester
Highland Voices - Musicians perform

In spring 0217, OHA celebrated 25 years of action with a fundraising CD release concert and dinner at the Community Cultural Center of Tonasket. Highland Voices is a compilation album of eco-conscious musicians that expresses our sense of place, concern for conservation and clean water, and the beauty of our natural world. The album is now available for sale as a digital download or a CD... Continue

Buckhorn Mine: With the gold ore at the Buckhorn Mine exhausted, the Crown/Kinross mining company has expedited reclamation in order to complete the groundwork before the snow flies. This is a financial decision that will save the company money as the current employees and contractors work themselves out of a job. Surface reclamation involves plugging the mine adits and re-contouring the ground surface to resemble pre-mining conditions. As of this writing, the treatment facility has been decommissioned and the administration buildings are expected to be gone shortly. The shop will be retrofitted to accommodate those functions, but in the meantime, they have had no facility operating to treat the water... Continue    Buckhorn Mine Portal

Stream and Wetland Restoration: OHA and our collaborative team is working to improve ecological function and complexity within the Triple Creek reach. This project will benefit water quality and increase habitat for fish and wildlife by reducing severe stream channel incision that disconnects the creek from its floodplain. We're currently weaving the latest round of beaver dam analogues, and this time the beavers are really helping out! Continue

Beaver weaving BDA

Ants: Marching in Hidden Worlds, Friday, Feb 2, 2018

Entomologist Joseph Fortier will provide a glimpse into the enigmatic life of ants. We will explore the fascinating ways in which ants function as a community and their unique adaptations for survival, including their ability to communicate, solve problems, and fulfill specific roles for the sake of the colony. Their natural history will be discussed, from the first evidence of ants emerging to their ecological and phylogenetic context. Fortier will share about the diversity among species, with some brief and simple information about which ant species we can expect to see in our region and how to identify them.... Continue

Ants - Marching in Hidden Worlds

OHA continues to press on, working to:
  • Minimize watershed impacts associated with the Buckhorn gold mine operations and exploration
  • Continuously improve the ecological health of the Okanogan Highlands
  • Increase community awareness and involvement in watershed issues