OHA continues to press on, working to:
  • Minimize watershed impacts associated with the Buckhorn gold mine operations and exploration
  • Continuously improve the ecological health of the Okanogan Highlands
  • Increase community awareness and involvement in watershed issues

What's New?



Ground and surface water downgradient from the mine are being degraded
 by failure of the mine’s capture zone. Crown Resources must gain control of pollution from the mine by capturing all mine contaminants from all mine facilities. The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit has been renewed, but numerous water quality violations have occurred continuously before and since the 2014 revision... Continue
Mine Monitoring



Triple Creek: OHA is collaborating with Trout Unlimited, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and private landowners to restore the Triple Creek wetland. This project will benefit water quality and increase habitat for fish and wildlife by reducing severe stream channel incision that disconnects the creek from its floodplain... Continue

Triple Creek

May 6, 2016:
Scott Fitkin, District Wildlife Biologist for the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife (Winthrop), will discuss the effects of wildfire on white-tailed and mule deer, and other native hoofed mammals (ungulates). Scott will discuss the past, present, and future status and management of deer in Okanogan County, including information on deer ecology and specific information on the impacts of fire...

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