Okanogan Highlands Alliance

OHA continues to press on, working to:

  • Minimize watershed impacts associated with the Buckhorn gold mine operations and exploration
  • Continuously improve the ecological health of the Okanogan Highlands
  • Increase community awareness and involvement in watershed issues

What's New?


OHA Solicits Bids for Vegetation Management Services at Triple Creek
OHA is seeking bids from qualified contractors to provide vegetation management services for the Triple Creek Water Quality Restoration Project.  This project is located near Chesaw, WA.  Bids must be submitted in the manner specified by the bid documents... Continue
Bid solicitation

Ground and surface water downgradient from the mine are being degraded
 by failure of the mine’s capture zone. Crown Resources must gain control of pollution from the mine by capturing all mine contaminants from all mine facilities. The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit has been renewed... Continue

Mine Monitoring


OHA completed implementation of the Myers Creek Habitat Restoration Project at the mitigation site North of Chesaw. The projected included installation of beaver dam analogues and large woody debris to increase the structural complexity of the stream, providing a means for the water table to be raised and for sediment to begin building up the incised streambed. Live plantings were woven among the pilings of the beaver dam analogs to help reestablish riparian vegetation, and to increase the ability of the structures to back up and slow down the flow of water in Myers Creek. Continue
Beaver Dam Analogue - Myers Creek

On Sunday, August 16th, Dana Visalli of "The Methow Naturalist" will lead a hike near Burge Mountain
... Continue

Dana looks at butterflies with community members